The Playoff Qualifying Curve Is Off And Running

On Goal Analysis has been predicting who will and will not make the NHL playoffs based on 10-game stretches of playing time for the past three years on the www with about 90% accuracy and approximately 90 days before the mathematical call. We have been doing so by tabulating team performance against our copyrighted Playoff Qualifying Curve, or PQC.

Tonight, the Pittsburgh Penguins are the first team to reach the 10-game mark and their PQC call is posted at http://www.ongoalanalysis.com . While there are no more calls to be had for Sunday through Tuesday, the PQC will be alive and kicking: Wednesday for VAN; Thursday for CBJ, DAL, MTL, OTT, PHI and TBL; Friday for CAR, COL, EDM and STL; and Saturday for ANA, BOS, BUF, CHI, FLA, LAK, MIN, NSH, PHX, TOR and WPG to close out the week.

What do we know behind the scenes? That one team is already at Tee Time (eliminated from Playoff contention), three teams cannot beat In The Curve (right about average), and that only four teams still have a chance of earning the Chasing Stanley (in the 2012 Playoffs) call. That’s right – the 2012 NHL Playoff picture is already starting to develop.

And by Game 30, we will begin to have a good idea of final, projected points in the standings as well.

Visit our site at http://www.ongoalanalysis.com for these calls, as well as current standings, the upcoming schedule, the top three in forward, defenseman, and goalie stats, team win, loss and point streaks and more.




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  • ...This suggests that the LAK will defeat CHI in Game 6 to play the NYR for the Stanley Cup 3 years ago
  • Since 2005/6, when a Round 3 team wins Game 5, they lose Game 6 66.7% of the time; also, Western series are determined by Game 5.889... 3 years ago
  • ...So those stats point to the NYR claiming victory tonight and playing the winner from the Western Conference in the Finals 3 years ago
  • Since 2005/6, when a Round 3 team wins Game 5, they lose Game 6 60% of the time; also, Eastern series are determined by Game 5.778... 3 years ago
  • 4. Top 4 in each DIV play 2 rounds seeded within the DIV, 1 round versus other DIV champ and then the Finals between the Conference champs. 3 years ago

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