The 2012 NHL Playoffs: 13 April Game 2’s Con’t

Below we complete analysis for the 2012 NHL Playoff games dropping the puck on Friday, 13 April with a look at LAK @ VAN. (Note tonight is Game 1 of FLA versus NJD – you can read our analysis of this matchup on the OGA Blogs.)

LAK @ VAN, 10p (ET) – LAK leads series 1-0

Our series call (and all others for Round 1) was for a LAK victory in seven games. We have a ways to go, but we said the ‘tell’ for that call was LAK winning either Game 1 or 2 in Rogers Arena and that has happened.

By-Player analysis indicates who is having the most impact for their team in terms of total percentage of statistical output for the 16 categories we are watching:

  • At LW, Burrows of VAN is dominating with Penner the closest King. His strength comes primarily from his goal scored, SOG and Time On The Ice (TOI). With D.Sedin out, he should be easier or LAK to key on in Game 2.
  • At C, Richards of LAK is the leader in both total numbers and overall, statistical percentage. Following behind him is Kesler of VAN. Kesler leads in TOI and in faceoff %. But Richards is hitting more stats categories, such a in +/-, PIMs, shooting % and Hits and Blocked Shots.
  • At RW, Brown of LAK leads Hansen of VAN in both total numbers and overall percentage of statistical output. His goal scored, eight SOG, TOI, shifts per game and Hits have him outpacing the nearest Canuck by amost 3% of his team’s total output.
  • At D, Edler of VAN outpaces Mitchell, the LAK’s leading Defenseman, in both categories. While both Defensemen scored a goal on Wednesday night, Edler leads in TOI and has a combined 6 – 4 lead in the Hits and Blocked Shots categories.
  • In G, Luongo’s Saves and Save % for VAN gives him better statistical numbers than Quick despite the Kings’ victory.

For teams as a whole, LAK leads the two clubs in statistical output. By-position, the leaders are:

  • LW – VAN
  • C – VAN
  • RW – LAK; this position holds the largest discrepancy between the two clubs and the biggest by-position margin of any game last Wednesday night.
  • D – LAK
  • G – VAN

The opening win for LAK is our indicator that the Kings will take the series. It gives them momentum, and it negates Luongo’s great performance in goal for Game 1. The psychology of it all should swing in the King’s favor. If Quick throws one of his 1-0 shutouts tonight, you can almost put a fork in the Canucks.



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  • ...This suggests that the LAK will defeat CHI in Game 6 to play the NYR for the Stanley Cup 3 years ago
  • Since 2005/6, when a Round 3 team wins Game 5, they lose Game 6 66.7% of the time; also, Western series are determined by Game 5.889... 3 years ago
  • ...So those stats point to the NYR claiming victory tonight and playing the winner from the Western Conference in the Finals 3 years ago
  • Since 2005/6, when a Round 3 team wins Game 5, they lose Game 6 60% of the time; also, Eastern series are determined by Game 5.778... 3 years ago
  • 4. Top 4 in each DIV play 2 rounds seeded within the DIV, 1 round versus other DIV champ and then the Finals between the Conference champs. 3 years ago

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