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2013 NHL Preseason

Eighteen excruciating days later, below we give you the entire NHL 2013-14 Preseason schedule in one place. It is till not posted to’s master schedule. And it was a bear to draw from official team releases. But it torques us off not to have it, and we thought it just might be the same for you, your team’s biggest fan.

So here you go. In the West, we were waiting on Anaheim, San Jose and Vancouver to be complete.

Remember as you peruse the schedules below that what is shown in bold red font HAS been officially released by a team or the NHL. Games are in black font have not yet posted their official release but it has been noted on another official site. And blocks in a yellow background are an update from the previous post.

Here is the Eastern Conference’s 2013 Preseason schedule as of 6:15pm (CST), 22 July:


And here is the West’s, also as of the same time and date:


And plan your 2013-14 season road trips as you enjoy the released 2013-14 NL Regular Season schedule!


Twitter Updates

  • ...This suggests that the LAK will defeat CHI in Game 6 to play the NYR for the Stanley Cup 4 years ago
  • Since 2005/6, when a Round 3 team wins Game 5, they lose Game 6 66.7% of the time; also, Western series are determined by Game 5.889... 4 years ago
  • ...So those stats point to the NYR claiming victory tonight and playing the winner from the Western Conference in the Finals 4 years ago
  • Since 2005/6, when a Round 3 team wins Game 5, they lose Game 6 60% of the time; also, Eastern series are determined by Game 5.778... 4 years ago
  • 4. Top 4 in each DIV play 2 rounds seeded within the DIV, 1 round versus other DIV champ and then the Finals between the Conference champs. 4 years ago

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