Team Streaking – Yesterday (10 January) And Today (11 January)

Yesterday, we posted our blog “…We’re Going (NHL) Streaking….” Below is an update of results from our team W/L streaks analysis and a look at today’s game day streaks by team…


Eastern Conference

TOR is on a +2 streak, is an overall 2 – 5 and looking to break their current three-game losing streak (“-3″). TOR failed to break their -3 L streak last night in 3-2 loss to WSH. That makes them -1 and 2 – 4 overall since the 2004/05 Lockout, plus a current -4 streaker.

CAR is -1, 2 – 3 overall and likely to break their current, +5 winning-streak. As we predicted, CAR broke their Eastern Conference leading +5 streak in a 3-0 loss to CBJ. That makes them a -2 and 2 – 4 for 10 January and a new -1 streaker.

CBJ (playing CAR) is -1, a combined 2 – 1 and looking to improve upon their current +1 streak before traveling to WPG on Saturday. CBJ did, indeed, improve upon their current +1 streak with that win over CAR. They are now a +1 and 3 – 1 overall on 10 January and a +2 streaker.

NYI is +1, 1 – 1 overall and wanting to continue to improve upon their +2 streak. It took OT, by NYI did improve upon their current +2 streak in a 2 – 1 win over COL. They are now a +2 and 2 – 1 overall on 10 January and currently a +3 streaker.

NYR is +2, 3 – 1 since 2004/5 and hoping DAL continues to lose so they can increase their +1 (4 – 2 – 1 overall) string since Christmas. Sure enough, NYR continues to improve with a 3-2 W over DAL. That’s good for a +3 and 4 – 1 overall n 10 January and a current +2 (5 – 2 – 1 since Christmas) streak.

PIT does not like 10 JAN at a -3, 1 – 5 overall (not having a game on this date only in the 2009/10 season) but looking to increase their current +3 string. PIT continued to loathe 10 January last night with an OT loss in EDM. That makes them a -4 and 1 – 6 on 10 January and a new -1 streaker.

WSH is a – 2, 0 – 1 – 1 overall since the previous Lockout and needing to add to their current +1 streak to keep up with PHI. WSH did win to improve 10 January to a +1 and 1 – 1 – 1 overall with their victory over TOR. They now also sit as a +2 streaker.

The above results in the Eastern Conference were 4 – 3 for 10 January streaks and 5 – 2 for this season’s streaks.

Western Conference

COL is at -1, 2 – 1 overall and looking to extend their +1 current / 4 – 2 – 1 since Christmas streaks. COL increased their negative trend for 10 January in that OT loss to NYI. This makes them an historical -2 and 2 – 2 on 10 January and a new -1 streaker.

DAL, as if desiring to cooperate with the NYR’s wishes above, is a -4 and 0 – 3 – 1 historically and in desperate need of breaking their current -4 streak. DAL continued both their historical and current trends with that 3-2 loss to NYR. They are now -5 and 0 – 4 – 1 on 10 January and a -5 streaker, a trend they MUST break to remain in the race for a playoff spot.

STL is -1, 2 – 1 overall and more and more likely to break their currently running streak of +7 with each upcoming game. As we predicted, the +7 is over in the Blues’ 2-1 loss to VAN. That makes them a -2 and 2 – 2 on 10 January and a current -1 streaker.

EDM is a historical +3 (although they have not played on this date since the 2007/8 season), 3 – 0, and needing any W they can muster. EDM continued their historical trend with the OT victory over PIT. They are now +4 and 4 – 0 on 10 January and a new +1 streaker.

And finally, VAN is +1, 2 – 2 since 2004/5 and, if STL’s W streak is to end, a team that has the capacity to potentially make that happen. As we stated, VAN has the capacity to end that STL +7 streak and did. The Canucks are now +2 and 3 – 2 on 1 January and a new +1 streaker.

The above results made the Western Conference 5 – 0 to continue 10 January streaks and 2 – 3 for this season’s streak.

That makes the NHL overall 9 – 3 / 75% against 10 January’s streak trend and 7 – 5 / 58.3% against current streaks remaining on track. Where OGA specifically said a team would or would not break their streak above, we went 2 – 0 (CAR and STL).

And Today, How Do They Look?

Eastern Conference

For 11 January, BOS is on a +1 streak and is an overall 1 – 1. A win versus SJS will be tough to come by, but that would break their current -2 streak.

DET has only played one game on 11 January since the 2004/05 Lockout (our “Current Era”) and is a +1 / 1 – 0. They are a current -1 streaker and, having been the most erratic this season out of all, Current Era seasons, need to break their short, negative string.

FLA hits Game 45 (G45) today in NJD as a +1 / 1 – 1 team for 11 January. All over the map of late, they are a current +1 streaker and 3 – 2 – 1 since Christmas. But three of their last four games have gone to the SO, so a regulation W and a bump to a +2 streaker would improve the team overall.

MTL is a +2 / 2 – 1 team on 11 January and currently a -1 streaker. They do have points in four of their last five games and five of their last seven, so if the negative streak continues, do not get down on them too heavily. They are playing CHI after all.

OTT is a -1 / 1 – 1 on this date and a -1 streaker at this point in the season. That -1 is an OTL, however, and was preceded by a +4 streak, so watch OTT to jump back on the W path tonight.

TBL, amazingly without Stamkos in the mix, is an historical +1 / 1 – 0 and a current -1 with three wins in their last five games. OGA still projects them as a Playoff team this season but they need to overcome PHI and their former team captain in Philly to drive on in a positive manner.

CBJ is a -1 / 2 – 1 on today’s date and a current +2 streaker. Although they left last night’s game and hit the road for a 7pm Eastern) start in the MTS Center, they may just continue to ride the high of last night’s 3 – 0 W over CAR.

NJD enters tonight’s contest with FLA at a +1 / 1 – 1 on this date and a current +1 streaker. Do they win tonight or not? We’ll go out on a limb and say NO based on a small W/L sample, the second game in three nights and third in five, and the fact that they may get caught looking ahead to travel and the game on Sunday in TOR.

PHI hits today’s G45 as a +1 / 2 – 1 on this date and a +3 streaker. Odds are in their favor to extend their current trends.

PIT is a -3 / 0 – 3 on 11 January and a current -1 streaker after the OT loss to EDM. They are most likely to W tonight against the scoring woes of CGY, however.

Western Conference

CHI leads off the West with a +1 streak and is an overall 1 – 2 for today. Their current -2 streak bodes well for MTL, but last year’s Stanley Cup Champion will not go quietly into the night.

COL is a +1 / 2 – 1  and a current -1 streaker as they get set to play in the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN tonight. Which team are they tonight?

MIN is a -1 / 3 – 1 for 1 January, but on a +4 streak at the moment. We say MIN has the upper hand here as COL travels to their arena having played two overtime games in the last three days.

NSH hosts OTT as an historical +2 / 2 – 1 – 1, and a current -1 streak team. NSH has played five games in the last nine days and gets the Sens tonight and Division foe MIN tomorrow. Having won only once in the last five games with a relatively hot OTT team does not look good for the Preds this evening.

WPG has only played one game on this date in the Current Era and is a +1 / 1 – 0. With three days off, their current -4 streak could come to end although the Blue Jackets are riding a high from last night.

ANA stacks up as hard to beat.  They are an historical +2 / 2 – 0 and a current +5 streaker. If they were playing at home, this would just about be a done deal.

As we stated above, CGY gets PIT tonight as a -3 / 1 – 0 – 3 and -2 streaker team. PIT, despite the worse numbers, will get a tough contest, but CGY is more likely to be te losing team tonight.

LAK is a -2 / 0 – 2 team on 11 January and a +1 streaker of late s DET arrives in town. It may be more pertinent to say the Kings have points in their last three, straight games after a -5 streak around and just after the holidays when looking at this contest, however.

PHX hosts ANA as a +2 / 2 – 1 historical, and a -1 current, team. As with LAK’s current trends, PHX is 1 – 3 in their last four contests and ANA is red hot, so this will be a tough row to hoe for the ‘Yotes.

And finally, SJS hosts the Bruins as a -1 / 2 – 1 historical team and riding a short +1 streak. From 29 December, they ar an interesting W, L, W, L, SOW, L, W team, suggesting a L of some flavor tonight. Having dropped their last two in southern California, there will be pressure from Coach Julien to bring some points home off of this road swing. A good contest should ensue here.

We hope these tidbits of information help your glance at today’s NHL contests…



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